‘Treacherous Tales’: Wonkybot Drops Episode 2 Of Stewart St John’s Horror Anthology Podcast

8 • 25 • 23

Wonkybot Studios, the award-winning production and podcast division of content and IP holding company Wonkybot Entertainment, today released the highly anticipated second episode of Stewart St John’s horror anthology podcast series Treacherous Tales. The episode is immediately available on wonkybot.com and all major podcast platforms.

In the new episode, titled “What A Doll”, a young woman is given a cursed doll to carry out a plot to murder her ex-boyfriend’s new lover, but learns the cost of tapping into the supernatural might be more than she bargained for.

Wonkybot also dropped a second trailer for the new episode.

Treacherous Tales, which is produced entirely in-house, was given a greenlight for production earlier this year and is Wonkybot’s first scripted podcast series aimed at mature audiences. The move is part of Wonkybot’s initiative to broaden its reach beyond the kids and family audience it’s built over the years, including the award-winning teen drama Tara Tremendous. The new series falls under Wonkybot’s supernatural, thriller, sci-fi & horror brand “Sinister Universe”.

Cast members include Jessica Magers-Rankin as the scorned woman Jenna Browne, Sarah Cronk as her best friend Lori Jackson, and Tanya Rich as the Eastern European occultist Mrs. Burtok.  Patrick Young and Laura Schoonmaker round out the supporting cast as Caleb Richards and Madison Taylor.

Treacherous Tales — “What A Doll” — Episode 2 Credits:
Cast: Jessica Magers-Rankin, Sarah Cronk, Tanya Rich. Patrick Young, Laura Schoonmaker
Written & Directed by: Stewart St John
Sound Design & Editing by: Michael Plahuta
Executive Producers Stewart St John, Todd Fisher & Michael Plahuta
A Wonkybot Studios Original
Presented by Wonkybot Entertainment

About Wonkybot Studios

Founded in 2015, Wonkybot Studios is the production arm of Wonkybot Entertainment, an independent media company formed by writer/producer Stewart St John and partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta as an incubator for St John’s ever-expanding library of original content. The company consists of a production studio, cinematic sound house, and award-winning global podcast network with a dedicated worldwide audience. With an extensive library of original beloved characters recognized around the world, Wonkybot’s mission is to inspire and empower audiences through engaging and uplifting storytelling. Wonkybot is repped by CAA, who also rep the co-founders individually.