Wonkybot Announces Stewart St John’s Horror Anthology Podcast “Treacherous Tales” Under ‘Sinister Universe’ Brand, Also Developing For Books, Film & TV

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‘Tara Tremendous’ and ‘Origins Unknown’ Creator Stewart St John Introduces Gripping Audio Anthology Series for Mature Audiences

LOS ANGELES, JULY 13, 2023 – Wonkybot Studios, the award-winning production and podcast division of content and IP holding company Wonkybot Entertainment, today announced the release of Treacherous Tales, a chilling new scripted audio series from award-winning scribe Stewart St John, Wonkybot’s creative CEO. The new series falls under the recently formed supernatural, thriller, sci-fi & horror brand “Sinister Universe”. The company has released the trailer today, with the first episode dropping on Friday, July 21 on Wonkybot.com, Apple Podcast, Spotify and other major podcast platforms.

Treacherous Tales, which was greenlit to production earlier this year, is the company’s first scripted podcast series aimed at older audiences, part of Wonkybot’s initiative to broaden its reach beyond the kids and family audience it’s built over the years.

Treacherous Tales joins a collection of terrifying IP from St John under the Sinister Universe banner, some intended for the teen and YA market, some skewing older — but all of them designed to thrill and engage fans seeking spine-chilling stories, with an eye on developing the content into television series, feature franchises and books.

An anthology series featuring distinct characters immersed in supernatural, sci-fi and horror situations, the stories in Treacherous Tales will culminate in macabre or unexpected endings infused with humor and moral complexity.

“It’s Tales of the Crypt meets Black Mirror by way of The Twilight Zone,” teased St John, who writes and directs every episode. He co-executive produces with Wonkybot partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta, and composed the show’s theme song with Plahuta.

The series builds on the success of St John’s two-season, 20-episode teen horror audio series Origins Unknown, which won a Webby Award Honoree for Best Teen Podcast.

In the premiere episode of Treacherous Tales, a traveling salesman’s encounter with a small town sheriff leads to a deadly game in an abandoned psychiatric hospital rumored to be haunted. Actor Dennis Hart (who starred in St John’s Origins Unknown) has been cast as Sheriff Tucker, with newcomer Anthony Curnow voicing salesman Marco Viera.

“I had the absolute best time recording the show with St John and the Wonkybot crew,” said Curnow, a New Jersey native. “I can’t thank the team enough for making me part of this exciting new project and I’m thrilled for everyone to hear the episode! It’s freaking scary!”

As with all of Wonkybot Entertainment’s productions, Treacherous Tales has been meticulously crafted in-house through its various company divisions.

“Wonkybot has always been committed to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional content across various genres,” said Michael Plahuta. “With Treacherous Tales, we wanted to create an audio series that not only entertains but also challenges listeners’ perceptions of fear and morality.”

“Stewart is a prolific creator and world-builder so it will be fun watching him bring the Sinister Universe to life,” added Todd Fisher. “Some of his ideas will be developed and produced as audio-first shows with an eye to adapt into other mediums, while other ideas will be aimed directly for television, film and books from the get-go.”

Stay tuned for more spine-chilling updates from Wonkybot as it continues to revolutionize the audio landscape.

About Wonkybot Studios

Founded in 2015, Wonkybot Studios is the production arm of Wonkybot Entertainment, an independent media company formed by writer/producer Stewart St John and partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta as an incubator for St John’s ever-expanding library of original content. The company consists of a production studio, cinematic sound house, and award-winning global podcast network with a dedicated worldwide audience. With an extensive library of original beloved characters recognized around the world, Wonkybot’s mission is to inspire and empower audiences through engaging and uplifting storytelling. Wonkybot is repped by CAA, who also rep the co-founders individually.