Wonkybot Drops Season 5 Trailer For ‘Tara Tremendous’; Teases Answer To ‘Biggest Cliff-Hanger In Audio Fiction History’

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Los Angeles, CA – January 25, 2024 — Wonkybot Entertainment has announced Stewart St John’s cinematic, award-winning teen audio drama Tara Tremendous will return this year, and has just dropped the marketing campaign’s key art featuring an exclusive first-look at the characters from the show, along with a teaser trailer incorporating the series’ fifth season slogan – Who Survived The Starship Crash?, stemming from the events of the fourth season’s epic cliff-hanger.  Season five will premiere later this year, available exclusively with a subscription to the Wonkybot Channel on Apple Podcasts.  Listen/watch the trailer here.

  “Last season we really pushed the boundaries of cinematic audio storytelling, in a format that happens to be called a podcast series, but is actually as big in scope as a Marvel movie,” said Stewart St John, series creator/writer/director who executive produces alongside his Wonkybot partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta.   “We ended the season with what we’re teasing as the biggest cliff-hanger in audio fiction history, because nothing like it has ever been done in the podcast space. Our incredible fan base has been begging for a resolution ever since, and now it’s time to deliver.”

Tara Tremendous is a coming-of-age story about teenager Tara Callahan, whose unique DNA allows her to tap into the powers of every meta-being in the universe. Her journey of self-discovery, genuine kindness, compassion and determination to embrace her destiny as the most powerful superhero on Earth has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The series exists in what St John calls his ‘Tremendous Universe’, comprised of different shows featuring characters and storylines that cross with one another, a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Season five celebrity guest stars include Emmy-nominated Linda Gray from TV’s Dallas returning as Dr. Sabine Montgomery, head of the top secret intelligence agency known as Vortex, who makes a shocking revelation that will impact the life of Tara Callahan forever. Deborah Kennedy from Austrlia’s period drama A Place To Call Home will also reprise her roles as twin sisters Ms. Fernsby and Mrs. Biddelspach.

We last saw Tara (voiced by Marianna Harrison) attempting to end a galactic family feud after being kidnapped by the alien Empress (Superman’s Sarah Douglas), while her headmaster Mr. Barrington (Michael Plahuta), mortal enemy Dr. Epic (Stewart St John) and friends from Power University embarked on a dangerous deep space mission to rescue her.  The season wrapped with Tara and company successfully uniting the galaxy and heading back to Earth in an alien starship when they were suddenly attacked by Pera Hu’Tesa, an alien stow-away seeking revenge. In the show’s final moments, the starship plummeted to Earth, crashing into the Power University campus on Foundation Island. Moments later, a voice from inside the wreckage announced that “two passengers didn’t make it.”

In the fifth exciting season, audiences will finally learn who survived the starship crash and how the remaining characters cope with the aftermath of the loss. Students and faculty will also contend with the rise of a formidable villain named Ajix Edavene, a phantom from a parallel dimension inhabiting the body of the Head of Education’s Mrs. Biddelspach, who wants to rule the school – and the world.

“It’s going to be another season of non-stop thrill rides and cliff-hanging episodes,” teased Fisher. “Much of the season takes place on the Power U campus where a major battle erupts between Edavene’s forces of evil against the students, and we can’t wait for listeners to hear it all!”

St John is writing and directing the entire season, while he and Plahuta will continue to score episodes. Plahuta will also lead the show’s cinematic sound design. Wonkybot’s St John, Fisher and Plahuta are the executive producers.

About Wonkybot Studios

Founded in 2015, Wonkybot Studios is the production arm of Wonkybot Entertainment, an independent media company formed by writer/producer Stewart St John and partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta as an incubator for St John’s ever-expanding library of original content. The company consists of a production studio, cinematic sound house, and award-winning global podcast network with a dedicated worldwide audience. With an extensive library of original beloved characters recognized around the world, Wonkybot’s mission is to inspire and empower audiences through engaging and uplifting storytelling.