Wonkybot Explores Superhero Therapy Sessions In Adult Fiction Comedy Series ‘Superhero Confidential’

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The new series, set in the same universe as the company’s flagship ‘Tara Tremendous’,  tackles topical issues from the lens of embattled superheroes

LOS ANGELES, CA., February 28, 2024 — Listen to raw, awkward and downright funny therapy sessions between an android named A.I.M.E.E. and a roster of different superheroes existing within creator Stewart St John’s ‘Tremendous Universe’ in the adult scripted podcast “Superhero Confidential”, a weekly series from Wonkybot Entertainment’s podcast division Wonkybot Studios. Created by St John, the trailer and first episode are immediately available at wonkybot.com and on all major podcast platforms, with new episodes scheduled to roll out weekly.

“Superhero Confidential” is a short-form podcast series revolving around superheroes and other characters in the super community attending virtual therapy sessions with a synthetic robot named A.I.M.E.E. (Artificial Intelligence Molecular Efficiency Entity). Through these sessions — which address a variety of issues and topics presented in a mix of comedic and serious undetones — we get to meet various superheroes in St John’s ever-expanding Tremendous Universe.

“It’s a dream come true to expand the world of Tara Tremendous into the Tremendous Universe and do a show like Superhero Confidential,” said St John, who is also Wonkybot’s CEO. “I’ve wanted to explore the idea of superheroes in therapy, and what they go through mentally, the issues they’re grappling with, the villains they encounter, and how it impacts their lives, for quite some time.”

In addition to the series being available on all platforms for free, there’s also an ad-free version accessible with a subscription to the Wonkybot Channel (Wonkybot+) on Apple Podcasts.

“We take enormous pride in the creativity and passion we infuse into our audio series and we are elated to expand upon and connect them all into one huge universe, all from the prolific mind of Tara Tremendous creator Stewart St John,” said Michael Plahuta, producer and co-founder of Wonkybot. “Stewart has spun an incredible web of interconnecting stories that I’m excited for listeners to hear.”

Added St John, “We’ve been developing several shows that exist within this expanded universe and I’m excited for audiences to hear how they’ll all connect, and look forward to this new push into the world of grown-up superheroes and the amazing stories I can create in that exciting new space!”

About Wonkybot Studios

Founded in 2015, Wonkybot Studios is the production arm of Wonkybot Entertainment, an independent media company formed by writer/producer Stewart St John and partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta as an incubator for St John’s ever-expanding library of original content. The company consists of a production studio, cinematic sound house, and award-winning global podcast network with a dedicated worldwide audience. With an extensive library of original beloved characters recognized around the world, Wonkybot’s mission is to inspire and empower audiences through engaging and uplifting storytelling.