Wonkybot Studios To Reveal Origin Of Tara Tremendous In New Prequel Season 1

6 • 11 • 19

12-Episode Season ‘Genesis’ From Award-Winning Creator/Writer/Composer Stewart St. John Continues the Epic Saga of the World’s Most Powerful 11-Year-Old Girl

Los Angeles, CA — Wonkybot Studios, a production, publishing and music company focusing on creating stellar content and entertainment experiences for kids and families across all media platforms, today announced it will release the untold origin story of its popular Gen-Z superheroine Tara Tremendous in a brand new season, Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries — Genesis coming this summer. Billed as a special “Prequel Season 1”, the 12-episode audio drama will now become the official first season of the #1 kids and family podcast.

Production on Genesis has wrapped and the studio has dropped a first-look video and audio trailer available at https://www.wonkybot.com. Look for the series to be available on Pinna, the premiere audio-on-demand streaming service for kids, as well as Apple Podcasts and other platforms soon.

Created, written, directed and co-composed by Award-winning television writer Stewart St. John (Sabrina: The Animated Series, Seventeen Again), Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries — Genesis is set around the extraordinary events that lead to 11-year-old Tara Callahan acquiring the powers of every super hero in the world.

“It’s the origin story fans have been asking for,” explained St John. “Genesis introduces us to Tara before she becomes a super hero. We see her at school where she sticks up for kids getting bullied, and at home with her dad who’s a police officer raising Tara on his own. We develop a better sense of who she is and what her world looks like before it gets turned upside down.”

“And when the ‘boy from nowhere’ appears with an urgent message for Tara,” teased Todd Fisher, Co-Founder, Wonkybot Studios, “She finds herself in a thrilling, twisty, race against time to save the world — and herself, which brings her face to face with arch rivals, super villains, alien beings — and the chance to become the most powerful superhero in the galaxy!”

Genesis, which is labeled ‘Season 1’ though it’s been produced after Season 2 (currently available), features the introduction of several key characters in the Tara Tremendous franchise: the diabolical scientist Dr. Epic, his loyal and lovable minion 1102, and the unflappable Mr. Barrington, headmaster of Power University.

“The story is set in the real world, so the characters are grounded and relatable, dealing with issues that kids can relate to,” said St John, who has been building an expanded superhero universe since launching the series. “Themes of bullying, financial adversity, responsibility, and doing what’s right are mixed into the fabric of an exciting adventure series.”

New characters introduced in Genesis include Tara’s police detective dad Nick Callahan, her grandfather Jack, the mysterious Shasta Culpepper and Tara’s wealthy, wicked Aunt Lucinda — mayor of San Francisco — who, along with her assistant Abigail, is plotting the eviction of superheroes from every major city on the planet.

“We’ve brought on some wonderful new voice talent to play these delicious new characters,” said St John. “Genesis is quite a story and features over 40 different voices from all around the world, and a dozen highly produced original songs. It’s a huge production, especially for a children’s audio series!”

“All the of seasons can be enjoyed as stand-alone adventures, but they also make up a larger story arc if you listen to the lot of them,” added Fisher.

Through dialogue, sound effects and music, Wonkybot Studios transports listeners into Tara’s exciting universe where they’ll discover a full-cast of characters, thrilling soundscapes, background music score and fully produced original songs.

“Wonkybot Studios is taking a timeless format, the audio play, and injecting it with special audio effects and magnificent music that will fully engage listeners in a fantastical escape anywhere and anytime,” added Michael Plahuta, Co-Founder, Wonkybot Studios and Co-Composer of Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries. “Audio stories spark the imaginations of young listeners and open their creativity in describing the characters, environments and storylines in their mind’s eye — and I’m excited to be a part of that energy and mission.”

Wonkybot Studios is in development on several other family-themed audio series and is set to share more exciting news on multiple fronts in the coming weeks.

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Wonkybot Studios, the children’s and family production, music and publishing company formed by industry veterans Stewart St. John, Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta in 2015, is an incubator for St. John’s many kids and family projects. Dedicated to creating entertaining and engaging characters, stories and tunes for kids and families across all media platforms which inspire, uplift and entertain the imagination, two of Wonkybot Studios’ properties — Tara Tremendous and Spooky Troop — have been released as stage musicals. For more information, visit https://www.wonkybot.com