‘The Owlsteins’: Stewart St John’s Inspiring Kids Story Becomes A Full-Cast Podcast From Wonkybot

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Based on the company’s popular ‘The Owlsteins Rhyme Time narrated podcast, the new show features the voices of the owl family for the very first time

LOS ANGELES, CA — Thursday, November 3,  2022 — Wonkybot Entertainment’s podcast studio has dropped the trailer and pilot episode for The Owlsteins, a full-cast production based on creator Stewart St John’s popular rhyming podcast series The Owlsteins Rhyme Time, which he narrates.

“I’m thrilled that audiences around the world will finally be able to hear the voices of the adorable Owlstein family for the very first time in this brand new series,” said St John, who is executive producing alongside Wonkybot co-founders and partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta. “The characters have been speaking to me in my head for years, so finding the right voices to bring them to life was no easy task. But in the end, we assembled an amazing cast who infused them with warmth, humor and plenty of personality.”

The Owlsteins centers around dad Ollie, mom Olympia, teen daughter Olivia and young son Owen who live in a magical town called Hicklehuck Peak where they love, laugh and learn together.  The trailer and pilot episode can be heard here.

In the pilot episode, which was entirely produced in-house, Olivia and Owen’s plan to avoid their uncle Wallington’s visit to Hicklehuck Peak doesn’t go exactly as planned, especially when he decides to pay them a visit at school. “Everyone’s had the experience of being embarrassed by a family member when you’re young,” said Fisher, “so this tackles that situation and teaches a valuable lesson about finding something to appreciate about people no matter what they may look or sound like.  There’s always a positive message at the core of an Owlsteins story.”

The Owlsteins, which skews to Wonkybot’s younger audience, is the second of several pilots being produced under Wonkybot’s ‘Pilot Showcase’ banner that will drop first episodes of series to build audience awareness before releasing a full season.  St John has also developed an animated version of the series that the company is getting ready to pitch. The company also released the YA sci-fi series Historynauts a few weeks ago.

St John and composing partner Michael Plahuta, who also heads the company’s sound house Wonkybot Cinematic Audio, scored The Owlsteins pilot episode and wrote the original theme song for the show.

The voice cast includes Josh Brandon (Ollie), Jessica Magers-Rankin (Olympia), Madison Mounts (Olivia), Brendan Morgan (Oliver), Annabelle Clemmons (LuLu), Felicity Hunt (Jessica), Laci Morgan (Mrs. Finny), Stewart St John (Coach Bernard) and Michael Plahuta (Uncle Wallington).

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