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Project Description

Spooky Troop


Multi Platform
Kids, 8+

In a world ravaged by an ancient monster race-war, a group of young teenage supernatural friends from different backgrounds — codenamed “Spooky Troop” — come together to achieve peaceful co-existence between monster kind and save their world and ours. But who — and what — is behind their mysterious origins? Featuring Stewart Wikstrum (Stewart The Sorcerer), Valerie Van Vleet (Valerie The Vampire), Willie Whitfield (Willie the Werewolf), Delilah Davenport (Delilah The Demon), Zianna Katsaros (Zianna The Zombie), Todd Vanderbilder (Todd The Oddbot), Michael McKay (Michael The Monster) and Princess Fabianna “FiFi” L’Heureux (FiFi The Fairy).

Created by: Stewart St. John


Audiobook Series (Produced by Wonkybot Studios):

Ignite your imagination with full-cast audio adventures featuring dialogue, sound effects, original songs and music!

Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween
Spooky Troop: A Very Scary Christmas

Spooky Troop The Musical (Produced by Wonkybot Studios):

Spooky Troop The Musical follows the story of Valerie Van Vleet, a teenage vampire who doesn’t fit in. She’s at odds with her mother the Countess, in trouble with the vampire council for her “Stop The Fanging” campaign, and, according to her mom, “hangs with all the wrong kids in Asterlin” (i.e., the ones who get along, despite their monster backgrounds). On top of that she’s an intellect who enjoys reading and wants “peace” in a divided netherworld — which cements Valerie as the ultimate outsider. Discover the story of friendship, perseverance, believing in yourself, and following your dreams. (60’ stage show + songs)

Graphic Novel/Comic Book Series – In Production

Picture Book – In Production

Also Developed For

Live Action Feature Film

Animation (11’ or 30’)

Live Stage Musical

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