Ramsey Whitney Brings Life And Song to Zianna The Zombie in Wonkybot’s ‘Spooky Troop’

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  • Ramsey Whitney Brings Life And Song to Zianna The Zombie in Wonkybot's 'Spooky Troop'
Wonkybot Studios is thrilled to announce that 11-year-old actress/singer Ramsey Whitney, who plays the voice of sweet but lifeless Zianna the Zombie, sings a new original song in the December 22nd episode of the podcast series Spooky Troop: A Christmas Special.
“The song is called ‘Christmas Feeling’ and Ramsey nailed it,” said Stewart St John, creator of the Spooky Troop series and co-writer of the tune with musical partner Michael Plahuta. “And on top of her stellar performance, she’s just an absolute pleasure to work with.”
“Ramsey’s vocal range is fantastic,” added Plahuta. “Her voice is strong and she’s in control of it.  She really brings Zianna to life in the show, especially in this song.”
The Zianna character is one of seven misfit monsters born good in a wicked world.  In the Christmas Special (a follow-up to Spooky Troop: A Halloween Special), Zianna and her friends are searching for the true meaning of Christmas.  When the children stumble upon the truth (it’s a time for giving, not taking), Zianna has a difficult time understanding the concept because she’s a zombie and can’t feel anything.  But when her friends are put in danger, Zianna realizes she’s the only one who can save them — and Christmas itself — and finally feels a spark within that changes her forever.
“She has this internal moment in the episode “ explained St John, “and she expresses it through the song.  It’s vulnerable and powerful. You can really feel Zianna’s transformation in that tune.” 
“Zianna has a wonderful story arc that runs through all the episodes in the Christmas Special,” said Todd Fisher, Spooky Troop producer and co-founder of Wonkybot Studios. “The character goes from feeling lifeless to feeling full of life by the end of this chapter. And Ramsey Whitney expertly captured the journey in her vocal performance and solo song.”
Whitney is no stranger to performing.  A veteran of the stage since age 4, she recently sang the National Anthem at the USDA Regional Forester’s Honor Awards Ceremony, was just cast as Tomika in Red Mountain Theatre Company’s production of School of Rock, coming April 2017, and continues to audition for commercials and television shows.  She’s appeared in several TV spots over the last few years, and continues to book gigs in both TV and film.